The Verisyse Phakic Intraocular Lens (IOL) and Staar ICL are exciting options for patients with nearsightedness who are not optimal candidates for laser vision correction. The implantable contact lenses are designed for the correction of higher levels of myopia (nearsightedness). PIEDMONT BETTER VISION is one of the very few refractive surgery centers in the country chosen to offer both of these exciting new treatments. The Verisyse implant is smaller than a contact lens, but with two fastener extensions on each side. The ICL resembles an oval soft contact lens which is placed behind the pupil. Topical anesthetic drops are administered and a small incision is made behind the cornea. Patients may return to work as early as the following day and resume normal activities, including exercise, shortly thereafter. Typically, eyes are done one week apart.

The optimal candidate for a phakic intraocular lens is a highly nearsighted individual whose extreme eyeglass prescription or other findings on examination make implantation a better option than LASIK or LASIK related procedures.




The micro lenses are designed for implantation into the eye to correct myopia (nearsightedness). They are called phakic IOLs because the eye still has its natural lens in place. Just as glasses and contact lenses correct vision, the implant refocuses light rays onto the retina so the patient can see clearly. Although the lens can be surgically removed, they are intended to remain in the eye permanently.

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis at Piedmont Eye Surgical Center, adjacent to Piedmont Better Vision. Only one eye is treated at a time, usually with one week between surgeries. Upon arrival for your surgery, you will be given medication to numb your eye and dilate your pupil during the procedure. Intravenous sedation will be available to help with relaxation. The skin around your eye will be thoroughly cleansed, and sterile coverings will be placed around your eye to maintain a sterile environment. Under a microscope, the surgeon will create a microscopic opening for placement of the lens implant within the eye. You will begin to see an almost immediate improvement in your vision, progressing over the following days. You will leave fully alert, but will need someone to drive you home.

This implantable contact lens is ideal for those patients whose refractive error is beyond the optimal range for laser vision correction. Although the lenses are intended to remain in the eye permanently, they can be removed or replaced, thus making this procedure reversible. The overall advantages include rapid rehabilitation, excellent optical quality, predictable outcome, and long-term stability.


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