Dear Dr. Hamilton and staff,

I just wanted to drop a quick note and say thank you so much. After going through surface ablation, the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner. Your staff was patient, sincere, and incredibly nice and knowledgeable. Dr. Hamilton took the time to carefully explain the procedure to me, as well as its risks. I've never trusted a doctor so much in my life--I guess that's a good thing, because you only get one set of eyes! Thank you again for everything!


Dr. Lee, 

I can see my grandchildren for the first time in 5 years thanks to your special gift.
You gave me new sight! 

Mary (Artificial cornea transplant patient)   

Dr. Kozarsky,

Add one more to the list! I found out yesterday that I was accepted to Air Force Pilot Training, thanks in no small part to the PRK procedure I received from you last year. I have one more year of school before graduation, then on to pilot training—from there, who knows!

I asked Dr. Loft if I could leave ratings and/or comments about him and his staff. He did cataract replacement surgery on both my eyes over a six week period in 2012 and I am totally THRILLED with the results. He and his staff are top notch and I don't have adequate words to describe my overall experience with him and his folks!

Sid H.

Thanks so much for the help and excellent treatment, and anyone who asks about PRK will definitely be referred to your practice.


Dr. Hamilton,

My earliest Christmas memories are of Christmas Eve. My Dad would leave the Christmas tree lights on all night, and from my room (if I scooted all the way to the end of the bed) I could just see the tree in the living room. I'd lie there and watch the tree for movement-indicating that Santa was there. I always fell asleep, but I did it every year. In order to do that, I had to sleep with my glasses on. Even as an adult, on Christmas Eve, I'd sleep with my glasses under my pillow so that I'd be ready when my children went to "look" for Santa.

Thanks to you, this was the first Christmas Eve I didn't wear my glasses to bed. It snowed here Christmas Eve and I saw the flakes out my window and on Christmas morning I "saw" Christmas with my children.

Thank you!

Kathy C.
Asheville, NC

Dr. Lee,

How can I thank you enough?  I can’t!  You restored my vision!  

Love, Madge (LASIK patient)

Dr. Kozarsky,

Our NROTC service selections came back and I'm on my way to be a pilot! I should be getting orders some time later in the semester and heading down to Pensacola to start flight school in the summer. Thanks for everything, I really appreciate you making this possible. I'll see you in about a year!

Take care,

Dr. Loft performed LASIK on me and I have been more than amazed by the experience and the results. He treats you like he would a family member and takes time to explain every part of the process. The procedure was flawless and my eyesight is better than 20/20 now! Dr. Loft's follow up was also top notch and would not hesitate to refer my best friends and family to see him for anything with their eyes!

“I can't stop smiling all day”

I have been considering having LASIK eye surgery for quite some time. After wearing contact lenses for 34 years, I became increasingly frustrated with my eyes always looking bloodshot from the irritation of a minute particle getting on my lenses, my contacts tearing when I would take them out at night, and not being able to wear them in the pool, ocean or while doing any water sports.

I have gone to four major LASIK centers in the last couple of years for consultations. These were all LASIK eye centers that were heavily advertised on the radio; using key marketing phrases such as..."the most accurate surgery"..."the doctor that all the eye doctors go to", etc. Each time I left the consultation feeling nervous and anxious about the surgery.

At each of these four consultations I did not get a chance to even meet the doctor that would be performing the surgery. The consultation was always with another doctor in the group that would not be doing the LASIK eye surgery. Every time I asked a question it was answered with the reply, "You'll have to ask the doctor that on the day of your surgery!" Whenever I asked a question, the "consulting" doctor would say that I needed to get on the "surgery calendar" and my questions would be answered before my scheduled surgery.

At the other LASIK centers, the focus was not to individualize a treatment plan for my surgery; the goal was just to get me to have surgery. The dollars spent on advertising were used as a recruitment strategy for getting a high volume of patients into the centers for consultations to schedule surgery.

At my last consultation two months ago at a leading LASIK center in Atlanta, I was told that the doctor operates on four patients at a time from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Four patients are scheduled at the beginning of each hour and the doctor meets with all four patients in the waiting room to answer any questions they may have. Then, one by one, each patient enters the operating room for their surgery.

This "factory style" LASIK eye surgery seemed to be the common theme with all the LASIK eye centers I visited.

I spoke with my regular eye doctor, Steven Keith, at Towne Lake Eye Associates, asking for a referral for a LASIK physician. Dr. Keith stated that from all of his follow up with patients who have had LASIK, the most accurate and best technology he had seen was from Piedmont Better Vision with Dr. Stephen Hamilton.

When I showed up for my consultation, I was pleasantly surprised that my meeting was with Dr. Hamilton. Not only were all of my questions answered, but the pre-operative eye exam was the most comprehensive of all the centers I had been to.

During the LASIK procedure, Dr. Hamilton talked to me the entire time to let me know what he was doing and how the procedure was going. Each eye took less than 5 minutes. I felt no pain with the numbing drops.

After the surgery, I was instructed to go home and take a nap to allow my eyes to rest and heal. Dr. Hamilton called me at home to make sure I was doing okay after the surgery to check in with me. The entire staff at Piedmont Better Vision was extremely thorough and professional!

The following morning, I could see perfectly! My eyes felt completely fine-I did not have the scratchy feeling I had right after surgery. My eyes were not dry at all. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't wearing my contacts! When I showed up for my post-op eye exam that morning my vision was 20/15.

I am going on vacation next month and I am looking forward to traveling without my contact solutions, reading glasses, prescription sunglasses, contact case and being able to find my lounge chair when I get out of the pool!

I am so thankful to Dr. Steven Keith for referring me to Dr. Stephen Hamilton at Piedmont Better Vision. I love my new freedom without contacts and glasses!!!


Dr. Lee,

Thank you so much!  You will never know just how much I appreciate your talent with my eye surgery.              

Carol (Visian ICL patient)

Dr. Loft has a wonderful caring manner. I could hardly read anything or make out road signs because of cataracts on both eyes. The surgery was painless. It has only been three months and I now have 20/20 vision!

Dear Dr. Hamilton:

Just wanted to say "thank you". It has been one year since my LASIK procedure and it has been wonderful! There's not a day that goes by that I don't notice that I can see when I wake up and that I don't need my glasses.
I am eternally thankful for your skill and talent in making this possible.

Kathy C.

Dr. Lee, 

I love my new vision!  All Laser LASIK is awesome!!  

(IntraLASIK patient)

Dr. Loft is a fantastic ophthalmologist and truly a top-notch professional. He has that rare combination of a great personality coupled with a fantastic medical skill-set and wonderful bedside manner. He is always on his "A" game and treats his patients with the utmost respect at all times. He is never rushing and makes you feel like you are truly important as a patient. He recently performed LASIK surgery on me and it went extremely smooth. He talks you through every step of the way and is extremely gentle during the short process. He even called a few times to personally check up on me and see how I was doing. Within 24 hours, I already had perfect 20/20 vision and by the following week had extra perfect 20/15 vision. I had no pain and also no fluctuations in vision since the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Loft for any patient looking for a trustworthy, reputable, friendly and extremely knowledgeable ophthalmologist as he has the full package needed to make your experience pleasurable and a success.

Dr. Hamilton,

It's been just over a week since my surgery and I'm AMAZED by the difference. I'm noticing things I've never noticed before (like how the street lamp shines into my room at night -- the whole room was a soft gray before the surgery and now I can tell where the blinds are!). My eyes only very occasionally blur and my night vision appears to have decreased only slightly. I'm so very thrilled with the results and wanted to let you know. From -8 and 8mm pupils to perfect vision....


I had my LASIK procedure performed on January 7, and I just wanted to take a moment and say that it has been an amazing success. By the time I got back to my hotel room that evening, I could already see the television, something I was unable to do for many years with my contacts. Twelve hours later, when I awoke, my vision was nearly 100% clear. It is amazing that I went for 22 years suffering with poor eyesight, and with this procedure, it was corrected in so little time. I have had absolutely no complications whatsoever and am completely satisfied with my results.

Brent N.

Dr. Loft has an incredible bedside manner and really put me at ease before and during my procedure. I now have perfect vision again for the first time since I was a child, and I would highly recommend Dr. Loft to anyone considering LASIK.

Dr. Hamilton and staff:

My son, James A.R., had LASIK surgery yesterday. I wanted to thank you and your entire staff. Everyone was so kind and helpful. God has blessed you with the knowledge and skill to perform this operation, and we are grateful. He is 31, and has not been able to see without corrective lenses since he was 10. It is unbelievable! He can see today without any help.

Sometimes you only hear the negative reviews from patients. I wanted to say thank you and to let you know how pleased we are. May God continue to bless you as you help others.

Angie R.

Dr. Hamilton's knowledge and experience is extensive and he is of character and integrity beyond reproach. I've always been impressed with his warm style and the patience that he shows with regard to explaining his diagnoses and the procedures. He cares about people and it shows in the way he conducts himself. I recommend him highly whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Because I am farsighted (I was wearing trifocal glasses for a number of years) I suppose I was a little more difficult to treat. One thing that I learned through the whole process was that our brains actually get "trained" to deal with the level of correction, so as a far-sighted person, prior ophthalmologists had actually "under treated" me rather than explain that my eyes and brain would adjust over a short period of time.

Dr. Hamilton and his staff worked with me on two occasions to evaluate my eyes before making a recommendation for treatment. They were very cautious and professional in every aspect of my treatment. I was never pushed into making a decision.

I had spoken with other doctors who perform LASIK, all of who seemed anxious to simply get me to commit to the procedure, rather than determine if the treatment was the correct course for me. This was not true for Dr. Hamilton and his staff.

Today, without glasses, I work extensively on a PC and laptop, I drive at day and night, read books and the paper, wake up in the morning and see the alarm clock, and then I see how beautiful my family is. I wear non prescription sunglasses which I could never do before

I do not have any "halo" effect; I do not need driving glasses at night. Occasionally, I put on a pair of "dime store readers" to look at text that is too fine. That is the only limitation that I have experienced.

In closing, from the moment I awoke after treatment, I was grateful for the quality of my vision, the quality of life after glasses, and for the opportunity and pleasure of having met Dr. Hamilton. I hope that you enjoy to same experience.

Respectfully, Peter M.

Dr. Lee, 

I can see better than ever!  Thanks for my new ReStor lenses!       

Betty M (RLE with ReStor lens in both eyes)

Dr. Loft is my favorite physician. He performed my LASIK surgery and now I am 20/20. I couldn't be happier with the results. All of this, and he was so nice too. He's the real deal.

I want to let you know the Crystalens implant has greatly improved the quality of my life. The lens that was put in my left eye several years ago was a great improvement for distance vision, but the multi-distance capability of the Crystalens you just put in my right eye is just amazing. I am only four weeks out from surgery and I can read the newspaper, read reports in my job, work on the computer and do many other daily functions without the need for glasses - not to mention my intermediate and distance vision is perfect. There is further improvement each day as my eye becomes more familiar with using the lens. I just wish they existed four years ago when my first surgery was required. However, one is certainly better than none at all. I highly recommend it to anyone considering lens replacement surgery.


Dr. Loft has the most sincere and caring bedside manner. He really put my mind at ease before and during my procedure. I would highly recommend him.

Dear Dr. Stephen Hamilton,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care I have received since becoming a patient of yours over the past year! "Thank-you" does not measure up when considering a person's sight restoration. As you are aware, after having corneal transplant surgery, which was skillfully performed by you on each eye, I can say that my vision has been restored, and my quality of life dramatically improved!

I must admit that to have the surgery was not an easy decision for me. However, I am thankful that I chose you and your practice for the procedures. The surgery was virtually painless and my vision substantially improved immediately after the procedure. Your skills were obviously demonstrated by the quality of the results. It is an understatement to say " the excitement" I have to be able to see once again!

Please allow me to compliment your staff and the efficiencies of your office as well. Having had 12 years experience as a vice-president over customer service for a Fortune 500 insurance company with 2,000,000+ clients, I do understand the challenges for delivering consistent, quality service. Your staff has exceeded my expectations! Each follow-up appointment has been on-time (something many practices do not understand) and I have always been greeted professionally with genuine concern and support.

Choosing an ophthalmologist for corneal transplant surgery is something anyone with my condition would take very seriously. Again, there are many choices, and I am more than satisfied that I made the best choice!

Joe J.

I was referred to Dr. Stephen Hamilton by a good friend who insisted that "Dr. Hamilton saved my vision -- he saw the problem that no one else had been able to see. He's a genius!" At that time, I was discouraged. I had undergone cataract surgery on my right eye by another physician, resulting in both visual and cosmetic complications. Then I met Dr. Hamilton, and my hopes rose. After examining my eye, he said, "I can fix this -- this will be fun!" And fix it he did. After performing successful pupil repair surgery plus a yag laser "touch-up" on my right eye, my vision improved tremendously and the appearance was normal again. I was, of course, delighted.

Then, a few months later, he performed cataract surgery on my left eye, a procedure that I would classify as even less stressful than a routine trip to the dentist. In advance, he told me everything to expect, and once the procedure began, he explained, step-by-step, exactly what he was doing and what I would experience. Throughout the brief procedure, he made every provision to ensure my comfort. I left the surgical center that day without a bandage and with no discomfort whatsoever. That evening I cooked dinner, read the newspaper, checked my e-mail and watched a little television. Family and friends were amazed, but I had come to expect such results from Dr. Hamilton.

In follow-up care, Dr. Hamilton always seems delighted that I am doing well; he, too, assumes a vested interest in my welfare and celebrates the success of our venture. He also makes every effort to arrange convenient appointments for his patients. When I must travel to Atlanta, his staff schedules my appointment at a convenient time for my travel into and out of the city. For most appointments, I have been able to see Dr. Hamilton in Athens, which cuts my travel time in half.

I would have to agree with my friend that Dr. Hamilton is absolutely brilliant. He is indeed a superior physician. Beyond that, however, he is an admirable human being. He travels each year to foreign countries to spend a week doing cataract surgery for the needy. He is the neighbor we would like to have, the kind of man we'd like our daughters to marry. As an English teacher, I tell him that if he were my student, I would give him an A+ and add a smiley-face sticker. He's simply the best, and I am grateful.

Anita L.

I had a superb experience seeing Dr. Loft at his practice on Cumberland Blvd. He was gentle, patient and very caring and made me, someone very frightened of eye exams, feel totally at ease and respected. They took their time to explain every detail of the exam procedures and findings. I would highly recommend Dr. Loft to anyone with eye concerns, especially those of us nervous about going to see the doctor. He's got a patient for life in me, and I appreciate my experience with Dr. Loft more than I can express.

Dear Dr. Hamilton,

I am writing to thank you for the remarkable change and improvement you have made in my vision.

Your recommendation to utilize the Crystalens implant turned out to be the perfect choice. My distance vision is now 20/20, with a clarity better than I can remember at any time in my life. The big bonus however, is that my reading vision and my "computer" vision are both excellent. My constant companion for fifty years - glasses - are gone.

The complete success of my cataract surgeries is a tribute to the Crystalens, and certainly to your good judgment and skill as an eye surgeon.

Thank you again for the great job you did and the wonderful gift of renewed vision you have given me.

With admiration,

Piedmont Better Vision